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SALTI 2 Bedroom Cuboid

Clad in cedar planks, bleached white by the Sun, Salti is reminiscent of driftwood in the sand

This model line calls to your maritime spirit, the depths of your Soul that look to the horizon for inspiration. Light as a sea breeze, this home will embrace you in its comfort and create space for your mind to soar.


  • 768 FT2
  • 2 Bedrooms (King)
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 2 Lofts

Natural materials meet modern beach side luxury.

Canadian made, each adventure prefab cottage is Built and Certified to your National and Local Building Codes. These Premium Modular Homes are outfitted for four season living in North America.

Shop with cost certainty. We include shipping costs in all of our prices. The Lloyoll team curates your home build process from design to delivery and installation. Lloyoll crafts & delivers Modern, Eco-Friendly, Modular Homes throughout North America.

Standard Features

Customize your Prefab. SALTI is available with multiple Interior Wood Packages, Windows & Doors, Countertops, and Interior Hardware & Fixtures.