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Making your dream home a reality couldn’t be more enjoyable. Select the home that speaks to you—Skali, Salti, or Sitka. Then, with your guidance, we will curate the rest of your journey.

Step One

Digitally “build” and customize your home using our customization tool. We encourage you to take your time and discover the style, amenities, and accessories that speak to you and enhance your lifestyle. Build your home as many times as you want, as many different ways as you’re inspired to. If you wish to save or share your home design, simply create an account. At Lloyoll we respect your privacy and will never share your information.


Step Two

Hit "Submit Order". Congratulations, you've created the home you want. You've specified a project destination. You have a cost estimate. Now our team will reach out to you to finalize details and schedule your delivery.


Step Three

Your micro-dwelling was designed with simplicity in mind. Our team will provide planning and walk you or your chosen contractor though the simple steps required to prepare your site for delivery. Lloyoll will issue a summary letter to your local building authority, describing your project and proving its compliance to the National Building Code and any other relevant, local building codes.


Step Four

Welcome home! Lloyoll staff will deliver and stage your micro-dwelling so you can fluff the pillows and stock the shelves. Either you or your chosen contractor will connect your micro dwelling to the site infrastructure.



How long does it take to get a Lloyoll home?

At Lloyoll we have our own production facility and every piece of your home is fabricated and installed right here, by our team. Once the contract has been signed, your custom package is ordered. Depending on where your order lands in the queue, your home could be built in as little as 6 months from signing.

Building permits vary from locale to locale. Allow at least three weeks for your local planning authority to process these permits and ensure you have time to get the foundation ready. Other site infrastructure work can be done before or after the home is delivered, depending on site conditions and scheduling of the required trades. 

Where can I put my Lloyoll home?

Lloyoll homes are built four-season and code compliant for any environment in North America. These homes can be installed in most communities and all wilderness locations, simply placed on post foundations or a full foundation. Please check any zoning by-laws or architectural controls that may exist in your proposed location.

Is a Lloyoll Prefab more environmentally-friendly than a site-built home?

While construction materials can be similar, the process is more environmentally friendly.

  • Prefab Homes are pre-built in a factory-controlled environment which reduces the amount of material waste and damage from the elements.
  • The impact to the site is significantly reduced because most of the construction activity is completed in the factory and thus the site has construction activity for only a few weeks and not months.
  • Factory-built homes are rigorously tested and operate more efficiently, using proven systems designed specifically for your prefabricated home.
How do I finance my Lloyoll home?

There are a number of ways to finance a factory-built home: Home Equity Line of Credit, Construction Mortgage, Refinance Plus improvements, Refinance, Purchase Plus Improvements. 

How are utilities connected once my home arrives?

You or your local contractor can easily  connect the utilities to the home. This usually is completed within the first few days after the home has been set. The team at Lloyoll will provide instructions to simplify connections and explain requirements. Technical support is always available—we’re only an email or phone call away. 

What does the home price include?

The home price Includes product design services, your selected materials and finishes, appliances and fixtures as described on your build sheet, delivery, securing to the foundation, and all mechanical systems ready to be connected to the site infrastructure.

What’s the process from start to finish to build my home?

The process is described on Our Process page.

Is there a Lloyoll home I can tour?

Yes, please contact us and we can arrange a tour. We have a home available to rent short term, and your first three days rent will be applied toward the build price if you choose one of our models.

What type of warranty does Lloyoll offer?
  • One year of coverage on workmanship
  • Two years of coverage on mechanical systems
  • 5 years of coverage on major structural components
  • For fixtures and appliances all original manufacture product warranties will also be provided
What’s the typical home size?

Most of the homes we have designed are between 400 and 800 square feet of living space. 

Do I need to hire a local contractor?

The Lloyoll team will supply the home you designed, delivered and installed. You or a local contractor of your choosing will develop the site infrastructure and connect it to the home. The team at Lloyoll has developed a checklist and instructions to ensure that local work conforms and is executed efficiently. Under special circumstances and at your request, the Lloyoll team will act as your General Contractor and manage the site infrastructure work on your behalf. 

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