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Lloyoll designs and builds modern prefab homes that are beautiful, modern, and harmonious with the landscape. Our expert design team has created these beautifully unique homes for you to make your own. The same passion and respect you have for the beauty of the natural world has served as the inspiration for each of them. Old-world craftsmanship. Natural materials. Modern luxury.

In your mind’s eye.

Whether your definition of "idyllic" is a windswept, salt-sprayed beach, a rocky outcropping in the Canadian Shield, or a tranquil lake surrounded by Boreal forest, your new home doesn’t just fit into your lifestyle, it empowers you to fully embrace it. Regardless of where your new home takes root, it warmly welcomes the natural environment inside for you to enjoy.


Respect for the environment you embrace.

With an environmentally sensitive approach, from energy to aesthetics, your new home will endure the test of time. It’s personalized home-building made simple, efficient, and with a much lower carbon footprint than typical custom building. You can even choose solar energy options to further decrease your impact—and increase your distance from the grid.

Modern Prefab Timbers. Prefabricated Hemlock Timber Framed Floor to Ceiling Glass Window Wall For a Seamless Transition to Nature

Every choice is the right one.

Lloyoll makes the process of building your home as enjoyable as living in it. Our digital personalization tool empowers you to easily configure the home you imagine. Choose your model, customize your exterior and interior finishes, and choose from a host of other options that speak to you. Every design choice is curated by our experts to ensure a complete home that’s balanced, cohesive, and thoughtful.

Hygge Style, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir Interior. Floor to Ceiling windows. Western Red Cedar Planks. Modern Rustic.

From dream to reality.

Our systems are tested and proven. Your build offers cost and timeline certainty. So start building your wild refuge from the urban jungle—your soul is quite likely begging for it.