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From the beginning, Lloyoll has produced energy efficient and sustainable homes featuring exposed Timber Frames, functional carvings and other features that celebrate our love of craft. We took our first steps toward prefab construction organically, focused on the projects at hand. Our first woodworking shop, nestled in the Rocky Mountains, was instrumental in directing our path toward constructing Prefabricated Modular Homes.

As Lloyoll studied energy efficient home designs and sustainable architecture, we began using these principles to develop green and sustainable construction processes. Prefab and Modular Home construction practices reduce the carbon footprint and waste products generated during the traditional home build process. Our tradespeople and design team continue to bring fine craft to the forefront of our architecture while harnessing the efficiencies of our modern modular home prefab shop.

Lloyoll recognizes there is a need for small and sustainable eco-friendly dwellings. There are Adventurers that will not compromise their affinity for high-quality, lifestyle and good value. Pioneers that are willing to travel the quiet paths or blaze their own; to you we offer our new line of Premium Prefab Homes. Not to be confused with a tiny home, these four-season, code compliant prefab homes can grow with your family and are designed for a permanent foundation. Our collaborative approach combines the creativity and experience of skilled architects with old world craft while harnessing the precision and reliability of prefab construction. Styled for any neighbourhood and adapted to the far reaches of the wilds, these prefab homes will enhance your lifestyle and help you go further.

The team at Lloyoll provides it all: Modern Architecture, in-house Craft, your modular home Delivery/Install team and the warranty services that help you sleep at night. We are your single point of contact.

Life is about the journey. Journeys are defined by their moments, not their destinations. Looking back we see the cumulation of defining moments, projects and collaborative planning that brought us here. Lloyoll is proud to present this new model line of prefab homes: Only take what you need and don’t compromise on quality.

Please browse of few of our projects, selected to highlight some points of interest along our path so far.

BeachPod 2 _ Exterior_ Nicholas Fudge Architects black and white
Carved Cedar Log Staircase Crafted by Lloyoll Timber-Framers
West Coast Zen Style Timber-Framed Wood Truss King Post on Master Deck